Vitamin E Hydrating Toner in Pakistan



Our Vitamin E Hydrating Toner gives your skin an invigorating surge as it helps clear away covered up nasties, leaving your skin feeling spotless and graceful.

A significant stage in the middle of purifying and saturating, conditioning your skin assists with eliminating any extra cosmetics or grime from your skin. It's the ideal post-scrub accomplice to prepare skin for your cream, an unquestionable requirement have in your skincare schedule. Say back to us: toner is essential.

Gone are the times of toners stripping your skin of all it's decency. Since it ends up, observing the right saturating toner can do something amazing. That is the reason we made our Vitamin E Hydrating Toner, a delicate equation enhanced with nutrient E and wheatgerm oil. It delicately cleans skin so you can get more out of your skincare items that continue in your everyday practice. Furthermore, obviously, you get to absorb all the awesome nutrient E benefits for skin. It's mutual benefit win.

Kind to all skin types

Imbued with nutrient E

Advanced with wheatgerm oil

Delicate, hydrating, ecstatically reviving